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Badacsony Kéknyelű (Kāke’-nă -lū ) – 2015

The Kéknyelű grape only grows in the volcanic soil of the Badacsony wine region and is the flagship wine of this region. It is only cultivated here as it does not survive elsewhere, a real Hungaricum and it is nationally protected. Its name comes from the blueish pigmentation along the edges of the vine leaves (Kéknyelű = Blue Stem). Boksay Pincészet received a silver medal in 2015 for this wine and the 2016 National Wine Excellence award in Hungary.

It is a crisp dry white wine of pale lemon color, rich in acids and very refreshing. Its aroma features pollen, perfume and grapefruit. The light body of the wine evokes green spices, citruses, stone fruits and flowers. With its complexity, one can also discover wild flowers and pear. It has a noble elegance and finesse.



Badacsony Olaszrizling (Riesling) – 2015

The Badacsony wine region provides the best soil for the Riesling grape. Its acids are soft and its discreet flavors contain traces of almond and reseda, a local plant. It is a dry white wine with a high magnesium mineral content from the local soil and it is nationally protected.

It is lemon-colored with an intense bouquet of yellow melon, vanilla, and peony. The first sip has a slightly thinner body with a sensation of medium acidity. Its complexity tastes of ripe juicy peach, roasted seeds, and almonds with a long taste in the mouth.



Badacsony Szürkebarát (Pinot Gris) – 2015 

This gold medal award winning, full-bodied, dry white wine with silky acid content, is from the Szürkebarát (Sūe’-kĕ-bărāt) or Pinot Gris grape. The grape is nationally protected and it received its name from the monks in grey robes who brought this grape into Hungary (Szürkebarát = Grey Friar).

It is characterized by a golden yellow color and a slightly bitter flavor with notes of pear and peach. It also carries the aroma of licorice and Valerian and has significant mineral content.


Badacsony Kékfrankos Rozé (Rosé) – 2015

The Kékfrankos  (Kāke’-frăn-kōsh) or Blaufränkisch grape from which the Rosé is made received its name from the soldiers arriving into Hungary who paid for the wine with blue French coins (Kékfrankos = Blue Franc). Notes of red currants, raspberries, strawberries and spice are perfectly balanced in this dry and crisp wine.


u_d_boksay_cabernet copyBadacsony Cabernet Sauvignon – 2015

Our Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety is of French origins and is grown in the volcanic soil of the region’s sub-Mediterranean climate. It is a full bodied red wine aged in Hungarian Oak barrels with aromas of dried red fruits. The blend of blackcurrant, mint and berry notes dominate the characteristics of this wine.


Sauvignon Blanc – 2016

Our Sauvignon Blanc grape is a noble grape variety of French origin from the Loire Valley. The wine’s character is easily recognizable as a pale greenish, yellowish, crisp, dry white wine. Restrained aromas of gooseberry, citrus and grass species can be appreciated with a strong sense of character, fine acidity, and bitterness felt in the end.



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